EAW 0006108-90

EAW 0006108-90

EAW 0006108-90

EAW 0006108-90

KF730 Black

SKU: EAW-0006108-90
MSRP: $6,562.00


The KF730 line array system is optimized for a wide range of touring and installation applications. With its exceptional output to size ratio, KF730 is the ideal solution for those applications where high output potential and unmatched sound quality is required in a lightweight compact package including touring sound, corporate A/V, sports arenas, houses of worship, performing arts centers, hotel ballrooms and live clubs.

The KF730 delivers premium, high output, 3-way performance in an extremely compact and easy-to-use package. Dual 1” HF compression drivers and dual 7-in horn loaded MF transducers are integrated through a common horn that occupies the entire face of the enclosure. The exceptional pattern control offered by this configuration is extended even further (down to 160 Hz) as the MF devices are transitioned to a spaced array of two 10-in woofers. The pair of LF devices integrated within the MF/HF horn combined with the pair of side-mounted devices provides as much as 18 dB of off-axis rejection. EAW Focused™ processing delivered via UX series processors precisely transitions from one system subsection to another while maintaining nearly perfect 110 degree control.

A full KF730 array provides seamless coverage from directly below the array to hundreds of feet in front. The vertical output can be tailored to match the requirements of any space by varying the splay at the rear of the enclosures as directed by EAW Resolution™ 2 software. The resultant configuration repeatedly produces a continuous, coherent wave front of extended-range, high resolution audio over the entire defined coverage area. The versatile KF730 can also be integrated beneath KF740 modules to extend the reach of the range to any application imaginable. When extended low frequency performance is required, KF730 seamlessly arrays with its companion SB730 subwoofer and is also perfectly matched to the renown SB1002 touring subwoofer, allowing the system to be used for even the most demanding applications. Users also have the option of the KF737 module, which offers a 75 degree horizontal pattern for narrower venues. For long-throw applications, the optional Zero Degree Adapter Bracket enables modules to be ‘flat-fronted’, extending array size and SPL.

Six year loudspeaker warranty.

KF LINE SOURCE VOICING UPDATE Leveraging data and experience from development of Adaptive Systems™, updated Greybox™ processing enhances performance of KF730, incorporating improved equalization, crossover, Focusing™ and limiting parameters for even better system performance without physical changes. The update brings significantly improved low-mid directivity, dramatically reducing rear sound radiation as well as improved limiting and overall driver protection, while making it sonically more consistent with KF720, KF740 and Adaptive Systems. Updated Greyboxes™ are available here.

  • High output to size ratio
  •  Exceptional pattern control due to symmetrical design, large horn and Phase-Aligned™ woofers
  •  16 ohm impedance allows powering 8 KF730s with 2 amplifier channels
  •  Incorporates EAW Focusing™ for outstanding mid and high frequency transient response channels



Subsystem Transducer:   LF – 2x 10 in cone; MF – 2x 7 in. cone; HF – 2x 1 in exit, 1.75 in voice coil neodymium compression driver
                                               Loading: LF – Phase Aligned™; MF – Horn-loaded ; HF – Horn-loaded

Operating Mode:                Amplifier Channels: Bi-amp LF, MF/HF

                                              External Signal Processing: DSP w/ EAW Focusing


Operating Range (-10 dB, Hz):                         60 – 19k

Axial Sensitivity (1W @ 1m, dB SPL):               LF: 90

                                                                                 Passive MF/HF: 105

                                                                                 Power Handling / Impedance (Watts @ Ohms)

                                                                                  LF: 700 @ 16

                                                                                  Passive MF/HF: 350 @ 16

Calculated Maximum Output Peak (dB SPL):  LF: 125

                                                                                   Passive MF/HF: 136

                                                                                   Calculated Maximum Output Long Term (dB SPL)

                                                                                    LF: 119

                                                                                    Passive MF/HF: 130

                                                                                    Nominal Coverage (degrees)

                                                                                    Horizontal: 110

                                                                                    Vertical: 12

Subsystems:                                                            LF: 2x 10-in cone, sealed, phase aligned

                                                                                    MF: 2x 7-in cone, horn-loaded

                                                                                    HF: 2x 1-in exit compression driver, horn-loaded

Powering:                                                                  Bi-amplified