Klarkteknik DM TCE-UL

Klarkteknik DM TCE-UL

Klarkteknik DM TCE-UL

Klarkteknik DM TCE-UL

DM TCE Touch Screen Ethernet Wall Controller

MSRP: $259.00



Modern installed audio applications require a configurable control panel. DM TCE can be easily installed and fits a standard single gang EU (DM TCE-EU) or US (DM TCE-UL) sized wall box. A single Cat5e cable provides POE power and network control data to each device. Each device ships with both black and white trim plates and control knobs to match the venue decor easily.

Convenient Labelling

Digital labels can be assigned to each of the 8 button areas, and colours chosen to reflect the action being performed. If desired, an icon or programmer selected graphic can used instead of text.

Essential Accessories

To use DM TCE with a DM8000 DSP device, a DM801 ethernet to serial bridge will be required. One DM 801 is required for each DM8000 being controlled in the system. The DM801 is not required for use with a DM8500. DM TCE requires a POE capable ethernet switch or mid-span power injector to provide power to the device.

Product Features

  • 2.3" colour touch screen controller
  • User programmable encoder and button
  • POE powered device
  • Support for multiple pages and controls from DM series devices
  • Single gang UL size
  • Black and white single gang trim plates and encoder knobs included
  • Programmable using DM KONTROL application