Datavideo EPB-1340

Datavideo EPB-1340

Datavideo EPB-1340

Datavideo EPB-1340

Educator's production bundle with PTC-140 cameras. Note: This bundle is not qualified for a demo price. Bundle includes:

SKU: DV-EPB-1340
MSRP: $8,499.00
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Datavideo EPB-1340 Educator's Production Bundle offers a complete workflow that is designed for educators to teach the fundamentals of live video production. With this Bundle, students will be able to produce news shows, morning announcements, and other live event productions. The included Teachers Guide and Activity Book offers recommended lesson plans, activities, and step-by-step how-to tutorials backed by professional videographers, show hosts, and producers.

The EPB-1340 includes the HS-1300 6-Channel HD Portable Switcher with a built-in streaming encoder and recorder, 2x PTC-140 PTZ cameras, RMC-180 camera controller, HC-800 portable case, TP-150 teleprompter, 2x AD-232, WR-500 teleprompter remote, and TG-100 teachers guide and activity book.

HS-1300 6-Channel HD Portable Switcher
Datavideo HS-1300 is 6-Channel HD Portable Video Streaming Studio that can switch up to six live 1080i or 720p HD video inputs while recording and streaming the program feed. The HS-1300 features 4x SDI and 2x HDMI inputs can be connected to cameras or other consumer or professional video sources. Moreover, audio can be brought in from a separately available mixing board via a pair of XLR inputs.

The HS-1300 comes with a built-in web-ready recorder. Simply insert your SD card, and you'll have video files that can be immediately uploaded to the video network of your choice or to your website. Moreover, the HS-1300 offers a small footprint and supports up to 6 video inputs in HDMI and SDI. The HS-1300 offers Built-in animations and backgrounds, allows you to choose between a variety of pre-saved animated stinger transitions and virtual set backgrounds.

The HS-1300 brings a new level of simplicity to production workflows. You'll set up faster and easier thanks to its portable "briefcase" design. And thanks to its built-in H.264 web streaming encoder, you can stream your show to virtually any CDN like YouTube and Facebook in no time. Recording and streaming uses the ubiquitous H.264 format, at up to 10 Mb/s. The built-in H.264 encoder allows you to stream your show to virtually any CDN like Facebook, YouTube or Twitch in no time.

The Datavideo PTC-140 is an affordable SDI/HDMI PTZ Camera from Datavideo. The PTC-140T features 20x optical zoom, 10x digital zoom, 1/2 8” CMOS sensor and can capture Full HD Video at 60fps. The PTC-140 is an IP camera as well, supports H.264 /H.265 video compression and dual stream output. Moreover, the Low Noise CMOS effectively ensures high SNR of camera video. Advanced 2D/3D noise reduction technology is also used to further reduce the noise, while ensuring image sharpness.

The PTC-140 onboard streaming encoder can encode up to 2 simultaneous streams to any cloud service. This PTZ Camera can be remote controllable by RMC-180 and RMC-300C PTZ Camera Controller. In addition, the multiple Network Protocol supports RTSP, RTMP protocols, and support, easy to link streaming media server.

RMC-180 PTZ Camera Control Unit
The RMC-180 PTZ Camera Control Unit from Datavideo is capable of controlling up to 4 Datavideo Block Cameras. This control unit allows the remote controlling of multiple cameras. This feature allows the user to control the speed, tilt, pan and zoom movements manually. This control unit supports up to 4 Datavideo PTC-150 cameras up to 3280 meters through a network cabling. The multiple presets for tilt, pan and zoom for each camera can be stored.

The information and settings of the cameras can control the displayed on the LCD panel. This camera unit control is compatible with Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) and PTC-150 cameras. The users can get more value out of their equipment by reading the instruction manual completely. This will help the user to familiarize with the Tech Specs and the aspects of the RMC-180 PTZ Camera Control Unit.

HC-800 Wheeled Trolley-Style Water-Resistant Case (XXL)
The HC-800 is an XXL Wheeled Trolley-Style Water-Resistant Case from Datavideo. This heavy-duty case made from super strong polypropylene. The HC-800 is used to transport or store Datavideo’s equipment including video, audio and accessories. This trunk style with retractable handle and wheels and made from the hard-shell case for water, dust and extreme conditions. An integrated padlock inserts and rubber seals for additional protection.

TP-150 PTZ Teleprompter Kit for iPad & Android Tablets
Datavideo TP-150 is a PTZ Teleprompter Kit designed for iPad & Android Tablets. The TP-150 is the world’s first teleprompter system dedicated to PTZ cameras, which is ideal for small studios, business presentations and conferences or live events. It allows the presenter to read and control scripts in multiple languages. The kit includes a mount that securely holds an Android or iOS tablet device below the PTZ camera head. Quick and easy to assemble, the TP-150 requires no special tooling.

The TP-150 frame attaches to any standard tripod quick release plate. TP-150 is a cost-effective solution that can be operated entirely by the presenter using an optional Bluetooth or wired controller. The TP-150 is suitable for small studios, business presentations, conferences or live events.

WR-500 Bluetooth/Wired Control
Datavideo WR-500 Bluetooth/wired Teleprompter remote control is designed to be used with teleprompter products, DV Prompter and DVP-100. The DV Prompter app is a FREE download from the Apple app store for iOS devices and also from Google Play for Android devices. DVP-100 is a synchronized, multi-tablet / camera, teleprompting product.


  • Simultaneous Live Streaming & Recording
  • Broadcast quality HD / SD H.264 network streaming
  • Support different bitrate for recording and streaming
  • 6 video inputs (SDI x 4 + HDMI x 2)
  • 5 Video Output: (SDI x 2 + HDMI x 3)
  • 2 x XLR Analogue Audio Inputs
  • Flexible Mix/Effects Processor with
    • 2 Upstream Keyers supporting Chroma Key & Linear/Luma Key
    • 2 DSK supporting Linear & Luma Key Modes
    • 1 PIP (assignable to any of the 4 keyers)
    • Wipe, Mix & Cut Transitions
    •  Full M/E Preview function
  • Any Input (1-6) can be used as a Frame store (Stills Store)
  • XPT (Cross Point Assignment)
  • Tally output
  • GPI Output
  • One 17.3-inch with a resolution of 1600x900 dots
  • Easy to use On-screen Menu System for quick setting of parameters
  • 1x HS-1300 Studio Switcher
  • 2x PTC-140 PTZ Cameras
  • 1x RMC-180 PTZ Controller
  • 1x TP-150 PTZ Teleprompter Kit
  • 1x WR-500 Bluetooth/wired control
  • 1x HC-800 Wheeled Trolled Case
  • 2x AD-232 Bidirectional Converter
  • 1xAudio kit