ArKaos Media Master Express + KN Includes: Software Only

MAP: $800.00

Chauvet ArKaos Media Master Express + KN
Video Playback Control Software

ArKaos MediaMaster Express™
MediaMaster Express allows anyone anywhere to exploit the possibilities of a powerful media server. It combines ease of use and high performance at an affordable price making it the perfect solution for quick media management and playback on Chauvet's MVP™ or EPIX™ Series. Also included in this software is the ability to output the Kling-Net protocol for the ability to control Chauvet's EPIX™ Series of fixtures.


  • Video playback control software with a practical interface
  • Multi-threaded engine delivers incredible performance by taking advantage of multi-core machines
  • Easily control video layers with the standard keyboard/mouse MIDI or DMX
  • Organize your shows with up to 4096 user-configurable layers
  • Play back up to 8 simultaneous layers
  • Control up to 3 parameters per layer
  • Optional fade time on trigger provides smooth playback for live events
  • Kling-Net support allows for fast & easy plug-and-play configuration of EPIX™ Products
  • Support for Syphon on Mac allowing to natively output to any other application that supports Syphon as input
  • Included LED pixel mapper module to easily drive video content to any pixel array via Art-net
  • Multi-monitor support on Windows™ Vista and 7 provides support for independent playback and integration of multiple projectors
  • 8 independent video layers allows picture-in-picture picture-over-picture or a wide range of layering of multiple videos to create your own custom show
  • Full support for SD and HD in all popular video formats including AVI MPEG MPG MOV WMV MP4 JPEG GIF BMP PNG SWF and many more
  • Intuitive user interface allows fast learning curve that anyone can learn in a few minutes!
  • 60+ effects
  • Audio Visualization Generators that react to any audio input including laptop microphones microphone/line input or onboard audio playback
  • Content DVD included with every purchase which includes an additional 25 text layers 26 Audio Visualizations and 169 source visuals (4.1 GB in SD and HD)
  • Native support for video inputs (PCI card FireWire DV / HDV USB etc.)
  • Frame blending for smooth playback even at very slow speed (adjustable)
  • Software Genlocking to the output monitors for perfect playback up to 60fps without dropping frame
  • Direct mouse and DMX control over master brightness & contrast
  • Keystone correction from within the Media Master software
  • Internal MPEG2-MPEG4 codec for enhanced reliability
  • Native support of H.264 through FFMPEG 0.5
  • Support of all common media formats (AVI MPEG QuickTime MOV Flash WMV picture files etc)
  • Audio playback supported along with the video layers along with a master volume control




• OS: Windows™ XP, Vista or 7.
• Processor: Pentium™ IV 2Ghz (and up)
• RAM: 512MB, 1GB recommended.
• Media Component: QuickTime™ 6.5.x (and up), Adobe FlashPlayer™ 9.0 (and up), DirectXTM 9.0c (and up).


• OS: Mac OS X 10.5 (and up).
• Processor: Any Intel Mac, G4/1Ghz (and up).
• RAM: 512MB, 1GB recommended.
• Media Component: QuickTime™ 6.5.x (and up), Adobe FlashPlayer™ 9.0 (and up).