AKG DMS800 CU800

AKG DMS800 CU800

AKG DMS800 CU800

AKG DMS800 CU800

Digital Microphone System

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Even more digital

for DHT800 and DPT800 transmitters

The charging unit CU800 has been designed specifically for use with the DMS800 wireless system. It is also fully compatible with the DMS700. The charger provides two charging slots specially shaped to accept the DHT800 (with the included adapters) and DPT800 transmitters. The charging slots operate completely independently so two transmitters with rechargeable batteries can be charged simultaneously. Integrated charging contacts allow the batteries to remain inside the transmitter while charging on the CU800.

The charger determines the optimum charge current and has a quiet cooling fan to control the temperature of the cells. The charger uses pulse technology, in which a pulse is fed to the battery. With pulse charging, high instantaneous voltages can be applied without overheating the battery. The housing can be rack-mounted using the optional 19" rack-mount unit.


  • Two universal charging slots - for single or simultaneous charging of either DHT800 or DPT800

  • Two-hour quick charging - for up to eight hours of battery life

  • Easy to charge - as batteries remain inside the transmitter while charging

  • Smart current management system - operates with two AA-size NiMH rechargeable batteries

  • Optional 2U 19" rack-mount unit - for convenient and compact installation